Overview of files
There are many different files in Autorank's folder and might be somewhat frightening for new users. This page serves as a general overview of these files and to understand what they do. For more detailed info, go to the page that is dedicated to that file.
  • ​Paths.yml​
    • Used to set up the paths that you want on your server.
  • ​Settings.yml​
    • Used to configure global settings of Autorank. You can alter leaderboard settings, but also do some debugging (if needed).
  • Internalprops.yml
    • This is an internal file of Autorank. You should not touch this file, as it stores internal states of Autorank that it needs (e.g. cached leaderboards and the current date)
  • DefaultBehavior.yml
    • You can use this file to adjust the default behavior of a path. Be careful with adjusting these settings, because they are the 'default behavior' of all paths.
  • Playerdata.yml
    • This file stores the progress of players on their paths. It uses the UUIDs of players. Do not alter this file if you don't know what the options mean.
  • ​Lang.yml​
    • This file can be used to translate strings used by Autorank to your favorite language. By all means, adjust them in whatever way you see fit!
  • The data folder
    • Files in this folder store the play-time of all players, separated by time unit (daily, weekly, monthly and total time).
  • The backups folder
    • Autorank will automatically backup your data files periodically. The backups will be stored in this folder.
  • The uuids folder
    • Autorank will cache the UUIDs of players so that it doesn't need to make request to the Mojang server whenever a player name needs to converted to a UUID. Do not alter these files.
  • The logging folder
    • Autorank will log its actions to separate log files so you can investigate when something went wrong. Generally, you don't need to touch these. If the folder gets too large (in size), remove the oldest files.
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