Frequently Asked Questions

I get an error telling me there is an invalid character somewhere!

Check to see if your *.yml files have correct syntax. You can use this website to check: Make sure that it does not report any errors in the right box.

Every command shows /ar [action] [playername]

Autorank disables itself when there are problems found. You want to check your server.log if Autorank has found problems.
You probably have an old version of Autorank. You can check it with /version Autorank. Download the latest version to resolve this issue.
You might also haven't setup linux file permissions correctly. Use chmod 777 to solve this.

Paths are not being assigned to players?

There are a few reasons this may be caused.
A) Note that players should meet all prerequisites of a path. To check if players meet all prerequisites, stop your server. Enable debug mode in the Settings file and restart your server. Autorank will now spit out a lot of information in the server log. Search for the Autorank's messages to see what it tells you about the progress of a path.
B) If you have a permission plugin that allows multiple ranks to be active at the same time for a player, Autorank might be only getting the first rank of the player. If that rank does not match any of the prerequisites of a path, it will not be completed. To allow Autorank to see all ranks of a player, set the use primary group for vault to false.